Maximalism is unashamedly theatrical, a riot of wild and fearless creativity which arrives with a bang and leaves with an impression. It stands for the brave, flamboyant, eccentric and sometimes the grotesque, it has a language of its own and it makes no apology. Kelly Wearstler, Betsey Johnson, Johnathan Adler, Tony Duquette, Mary Katrantzous, Missoni, Anna Piaggi and Lady Gaga amongst others have all kept maximalism alive despite minimalism trying to stare its noisy cousin down into submission. Yves Saint Laurens Paris home Kelly Wearstler Interior Design Beverly Hills set and costume designer Tony Duquette. Fashion designer Betsy Johnson’s pink living room. Johnathan Adlers Crystal ship room. Missoni Home Nikki Tibbles, London Florist. House of Hackney Betsey Johnson. Have a great weekend!