Blue and white mood board.

Mood boarding is one of my favourite ways to start an idea for a scheme. It’s a great way to pull ideas together and see if they work well within a scheme. This board is inspired by Morocco, England, chinoiserie and geometric design. Who says eclectic has to look mismatched! This scheme works as thereContinue reading “Blue and white mood board.”

Black walls are trending in Interiors.

White or blacks walls? A simple palette from which to layer and build on is a great base to start with unless of course you are passionate about primary colours and can live with them in varying consistencies. White can feel clinical and sterile, although it is very popular with creatives who like the spacialContinue reading “Black walls are trending in Interiors.”

An emerging Interiors trend……..shhhhhh!

My Interior Design tentacles are picking up on some rather lovely bohemian wall hanging ideas on Pinterest. I think these crafty little numbers could start making it onto the walls of our Interiors. I might have to make one myself! It looks like fun and it will add some interest and native culture to oneContinue reading “An emerging Interiors trend……..shhhhhh!”

Pink rooms

Champion of girly, pink reigns supreme. Pink is often associated with little girls, but it can be quite grown up too, if used cleverly within an interior design scheme. Check out these rooms, pure lushness!

Calm blue rooms

The colours of the sea and sky are great colours to use for inspiration if you want to create a calm space. The sea is one of the most overwhelming natural beauties on our planet and is a great choice for a quiet and soothing environment. The sky promises adventure and wonder, a great choiceContinue reading “Calm blue rooms”

London Design Week 2014 – Chelsea Harbour – Colour

The beauty of Chelsea Harbour Design Centre is choice. The design houses use the latest technologies and highest quality materials to bring you collections from the traditional to the contemporary. There is a confident, relaxed feel in the air here and your imaginations desires can be limitless. Here are some of my favourite photos fromContinue reading “London Design Week 2014 – Chelsea Harbour – Colour”

London Design Week 2014 – Chelsea Harbour – Monochrome

LDW2014 at Chelsea Harbour Design Week was a relaxed and spongey affair. By spongey, I mean I soaked up as much as was humanly possible in a ‘I’m in the room 30% and in a creative dreamland 70%’ kind of way. The book shop is brimming with Interior Design books from many designers and coversContinue reading “London Design Week 2014 – Chelsea Harbour – Monochrome”

Paris Deco Winners

With London Design Week 2014 almost upon us, it is time to reflect on some of the beautiful window displays at Paris Deco Off….

Black and White Interior Delight!

Black and White monochrome schemes have been popular since the 1920’s and the Art Deco era. Rejecting the elaborate traditional schemes of old Victorian and Edwardian design, the post war period embraced black and white and introduced geometric design, sleek modern lines and decadence. Flouncy was replaced with the sleek and sensational. Todays black andContinue reading “Black and White Interior Delight!”

Interior Design Books

There is nothing more enjoyable in the holidays than waking up early, making a cup of coffee and going back to bed to read before the children wake up and start demanding breakfast. Those few moments of quiet are deliriously fulfilling and immersing myself in a world of interiors is my favourite way to startContinue reading “Interior Design Books”