Green is an interesting colour. William Shakespeare’s rather negative expression in Othello and The Merchant of Venice “green-eyed monster” and “green eyed jealousy” are still widely used in our language today. Historically, Green has a far more positive association with spring, hope and freshness. Green as the colour of hope is connected with the colour of springtime; hope represents the faith that things will improve after a period of difficulty, like the renewal of flowers and plants after the winter season. Following a winter that feels about 100 years long my eyes are sourcing green like a pair of magpies. This photo shows off green beautifully and if it brings you one step closer to feeling like you are laying on the grass in the sun, I say Yay!!

Anthropologie, mother ship of the ‘homemade’ look does a gorgeous embroidered cushion in green http://www.anthropologie.eu/en/uk/switchgrass-square-cushion/invt/7535600331118b/ which would add a little bit of spring and hope to any sofa.