London Design Week 2014 – Chelsea Harbour – Colour

The beauty of Chelsea Harbour Design Centre is choice. The design houses use the latest technologies and highest quality materials to bring you collections from the traditional to the contemporary. There is a confident, relaxed feel in the air here and your imaginations desires can be limitless. Here are some of my favourite photos fromContinue reading “London Design Week 2014 – Chelsea Harbour – Colour”

Colour Therapy

Deciding which colour scheme you can live with is not a simple process. Thinking about a space as a flowering garden or a favourite painting is a good way to inspire and interpret a scheme you can live with. If you are unfamiliar with colour wheels and the law of colour then this is prettyContinue reading “Colour Therapy”

Dip dye, Tie Dye

My parents were hippies in the 60’s so I am fairly familiar with tie dye though I seem to have narrowly escaped having to wear any as a child. My mother was far too busy letting me run around naked with flowers and beads in my hair to worry about clothes in the summer andContinue reading “Dip dye, Tie Dye”

Neutral palettes injected with colour.

In order to house my unquenchable love of textiles, lighting and furniture I have painted my apartment “Rum caramel’ a neutral base by Dulux which works beautifully with wood, marble (hypothetically) and gold/brass/copper. It also provides a great base to inject colour in some rooms to avoid it feeling like we live in a mushroom.Continue reading “Neutral palettes injected with colour.”