White or blacks walls? A simple palette from which to layer and build on is a great base to start with unless of course you are passionate about primary colours and can live with them in varying consistencies. White can feel clinical and sterile, although it is very popular with creatives who like the spacial freedom it gives their imagination. I find myself trying to cover every square inch of a white wall with artwork. Black walls may be trending right now and if you get enough vitamin D to light up the room yourself, that’s great, but living in a country that’s devoid of sunshine for 7 or 8 months a year does not inspire me to add more darkness, despite it’s popularity. I have been a happy little painter using Rum Caramel from Dulux after some friends of mine painted the properties they were renting out a couple of years ago. It is warm and light enough in the daytime and cosy and womb like at night.

I have started to notice pale grey. I almost feel guilty. My love affair with rum caramel is facing some stiff competition. It’s hard not to love these pale grey walls. They feel grown up (I am an aspiring grown up) I might roll this little number out in the hall and kitchen.

IMG_2487.PNG IMG_2903-0.PNG IMG_2843-0.PNG IMG_2735-0.PNG IMG_2358.PNG IMG_2360-0.PNG IMG_2359.PNG