LDW2014 at Chelsea Harbour Design Week was a relaxed and spongey affair. By spongey, I mean I soaked up as much as was humanly possible in a ‘I’m in the room 30% and in a creative dreamland 70%’ kind of way. The book shop is brimming with Interior Design books from many designers and covers pretty much every style imaginable.

Chelsea harbour is a great place to go for inspiration. Luxury fabrics, wallpapers, tiles and carpets adorn the walls within the 3 domes. I spent hours soaking up the promise of a luxurious lifestyle and I walked away with lots of inspiration and a wish list of samples for my flat. Needless to say, I took a lot of photos. I will try and share them with you here in a slightly organised manner. First off, monochrome. Tomorrow,colour. I am currently having a bit of a ‘love in’ with black and white. My bedroom and home office are the specimens for this experiment at home. Drum roll……..black and white!

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