Deciding which colour scheme you can live with is not a simple process. Thinking about a space as a flowering garden or a favourite painting is a good way to inspire and interpret a scheme you can live with. If you are unfamiliar with colour wheels and the law of colour then this is pretty safe way of ensuring you will not create an eyesore. I have been going through a beige stage for about 2 years. I have overpowered our apartment, walls, doors and woodwork in ‘Rum Caramel 4’ by Dulux, which is a great colour, but the rum/caramel goodness is not as sweet as it was 6 months ago. We already know colours have a great impact on how we feel. Pink on Prison walls relaxes prisoners, blue is cooling, red is energising etc etc, so it is no surprise that our little haven of beige is starting to make us feel ‘bleugh’. These photos are great examples of how beautiful colour can look in a home. Really inspiring. I can feel a colourful summer of painting coming on! 7d09437083c28686df0ba72e54db22cb

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