There is nothing more enjoyable in the holidays than waking up early, making a cup of coffee and going back to bed to read before the children wake up and start demanding breakfast. Those few moments of quiet are deliriously fulfilling and immersing myself in a world of interiors is my favourite way to start the day. This Christmas I have been reading Seductive Interiors by Sera Hersham-Loftus which oozes petunia and is a fairly lacy cabaret of hippy romance and heady, long nights spent in the boudoir. The rooms are all very bohemian with either a very romantic feel or a more rock and roll style. Sera likes to dress and decorate rooms daily, something I like to do myself. I enjoy change. My kids have often come back from school and discover a room has been repainted and moved around. Experimentation is fun and our homes are a canvas for how we feel. Sera’s style takes me back to the 1970’s and my own childhood growing up with hippy parents who worked in textiles and the music business, although it is not my style it has a comforting familiarity.
The other book I am reading is the Andrew Martin Interior Design Review vol 17. What an array of great Interior designers! Interior Design Review represents the Oscars of the Interiors world and is enlightening. There are designers from all over the world from the traditional to the magnificent, it presents an interesting collection of work in private houses to commercial spaces. Inspirational reading!
I have 6 more days before returning to work so maybe there is time for just one more book…..*googles Amazon*
Happy holidays!