My home office is evolving. I am slowly moving away from my full time corporate day job in central London to running my own business  as an Interior Designer. I have wanted to make this change for some time. I have been studying whilst working full time and raising a family. It has been challenging, but it’s been satisfying and one of my rewards has been to establish a rather lovely home office alongside one wall of my bedroom. I’m having fun organising it around my work with little tweaks here and there. I am trying not to throw too much personality at it, if you know me you will know how difficult this will be as I am hardly a shrinking violet. I expect by next year it will be covered with things that I love which inspire me. Maybe not the children. They are a bit big now. 

I hope I can pull off a space which is as visually inspiring and practical as some of these spaces which I have scrap booked on Pinterest.