WOW! What a show! Design Junction was brilliant. Edgy urban venue, great brands/designers and the atmosphere was awesome. It all felt a bit magic. I only wish I had more time there, 30 minutes meant I was unable to see everything, so expect a part two to this!


Willowlamp was showing at 100% too, but the dark corner at Design Junction set this stunning art form off beautifully. It literally transformed you into the depths off the sea. Reconnecting with nature and giant lifeforms below the surface, the chandeliers are tactile and move beautifully when touched with the same motion of underwater life. Quite incredible. Adam Hoets, owner and designer resides and operates from the bottom of Table Mountain in South Africa with his team in a large creative studio.


The next showstopper which deserves an intro from Beyonce *Single ladies* is the Rock crystal, Belgian black marble vanity unit of gorgeousness. I ran around it excitedly and tried to look grown up and sophisticated but I’m afraid there was no holding the inner Disney princess back. I want it. I want it with the Christopher Boots light hanging over it and I want it now!!


Mark Humphrey and Porcelli Marmi, Italy collaborated on this beauty. Touching it feels naughty, what an indulgence. I love it!

String was next up on my list of favourites. The string system of wall panels, shelves and chest of drawers in white is simply great design. As my own home workspace evolves and by evoles I mean ‘takes over’ my apartment this system is fab for adding to it and keeping it all fairly structured and linear. I like the idea of an office overspilling and yet doing so in a welcomed way. String have got this down to a fine art.


Next up is the Mayor Sofa by Arne Jacobsen and Flemming Lassen AJ5 from &Tradition. Craft meets tradition and heritage here. On close inspection you can see this sofa is built to last. It was feminine and strong. Powder pink in colour yet built like a tank. This could take an army of children on and would look effortlessly unruffled afterwards. I also liked the Catch Chair JH1 by Jamie Hayon. This chair was adorable and shaped like a hug. Great colours too. Nice. Apologies for the terrible picture, but I do like it on a dark background.


Last, but by no means least the incredible work of Fenella Elms. Fenella works with porcelain to create these beautiful wall mounted and free standing stuctures from individual porcelain beads and fires them together to create a free flowing textural shifting piece. They remind me of underwater life. http://www.fenellaelms.comImage

This is a bit of a hurried post as I am off to Tent now! East London is my neighbourhood so I am excited to see whats happen at the big old Truman Brewery! Hope you are having a great weekend of design! Tweet me if you are at Tent today! @roomforapony