A few days into #LDF and I couldn’t wait to check out 100% Design. I was not disappointed. There were some great brands and products and I wanted to share my favourites with you. So here they are!
FormRoom www.formroom.com
FormRoom specialise in bespoke furniture, interiors, pop-up shops and lighting in the luxury retail industry. I ran over to the stand gushing about how I loved it all. Not very sophisticated I know, and perhaps rather unsettling for some exhibitors but I was met with smiles and some great stories behind the products- so thank you FormRoom for your generosity of spirit! The Constantine cabinets were gorgeous! So much so, I could have set up shop in them right there! They also had some beautiful upcycled vintage cut-crystal vases with brass fittings. Encouraging to see upcycling from a company who serves the international retail industry! Bravo!

My favourite textiles at the exhibition were from Eva Sonaike www.evasonaike.com
Eva was showcasing some beautiful cushions and bags. This lady takes colour to a whole new level. Some people can work magic with colour, Eva is one of those designers. Her work graces the shelves of stores such as Liberty, Fenwick and Selfridges and her designs have a unique style from her Nigerian origins and being born and raised in Germany. She draws inspiration from European antiques and colourful African influences. Remarkable. I’m just disappointed I didn’t walk away with an armful of cushions and bags!

Kimono Lamps www.kimonolamps.com
These lampshades by Anna Juraszek from Ireland are now making waves in the UK and were very feminine and pretty. Very pretty grouped together they would look fab in a coffee shop or boutique, pub even!

Christopher Books www.christopherboots.com
Creator of niche market bespoke lighting, Australian designer Christopher was nowhere to be seen. I was drawn to ‘Prometheus’ like a servant girl to a Greek God. The ring of quartz light shone under the strong glaring lights of Earls Court with a superiority which reckoned with the stars and planets. It dazzled me and I hung around it for about 10 minutes like an old grey rag hoping to capture some of its beauty. It was rather modestly hung on a side wall, trying desperately not to outshine its counterparts on display. It did. It was a spectacular piece of lighting.


Buster + Punch www.busterandpunch.com
All collaborations with bikes builders, rock stars and whiskey makers aside, Buster + Punch is still cocky. These products are for the boys. If I’m honest I was a little scared. Even the lights were hard.
The Rockstar cabinet aptly looked like a remodelled casket, very humorous, I was beginning to warm to it! An opportunity for upcycling in 20 years right there! It shouted wild parties and big penises in tight leather trousers. Don’t get me wrong. I liked it all. It just didn’t belong to me.

Worldscape www.atmosstudio.com

You know when someone has a beautiful idea which produces that little ray of hope in the world? A design which crosses cultures, borders, religions and says lets just eat! A design which reminds you that this planet is natural, it’s living and it’s changing. Worldscape is a dining landscape for 80 people around the geometry of our planet. It’s is rather magical and humbling. It is an ergonomic experiment encouraging intimacy and had a calm, safe quality to it. More of this please! We like!

Authentique Africa www.afriqueauthentique-authenticafrica.com
I love African textiles. These pieces definitely felt authentic. They were good quality items, which you would be hard pressed to source from trips abroad. AA-AA sells directly to museums, shops, galleries and private collectors. Providing new incomes to the impoverished areas of Burkina Faso, West Africa, these textiles are special. The profits are distributed equally among the entire supply chain and are made from organically grown cotton using natural dye pigments from renewable sustainable resources. Everything about them is right!

I had a great time at 100% Design and look forward to the other treats London Design Fesitval has to offer. Bring it on!

See you there?