I first saw Amy Sia’s work in a magazine and loved her bold use of colour and painterly style. I started following her on Pinterest and was not disappointed by her amazing eye for colour and pattern. Amy was born and raised in Melbourne Australia, moving to London two and a half years ago. Amy initially pursued a career in textile print before indulging her combined passions for colour, fashion and painting. Bowled over by her work I approached Amy for an interview and here it is!
Were you creative as a child? Yes, I always loved art in particular and used to do art clases after school. I loved to paint and draw and dress up these were my favourite things to do. I’m blessed to get to do a job that combines all these things!

When did you know you wanted to be a designer? I always loved painting and drawing as a child and for most of my school days wanted to do something creative. In my last year of high school I was tossing up between fine art and fashion and now the work I do is kind of a combination of these two areas.

Where did you attend University/College? I studied fashion at RMIT university in Melbourne, Australia, where I grew up.

Tell me about your work/style. My work is bold, usually painterly and colourful.

Who are your 3 favourite designers and why? I love the work of Dries Van Noten, Matthew Williamson and Erdem. They all use beautiful prints, lovely colour and embellishment so well.

What have been your biggest challenges? The business side of business is always a challenge for me, luckily I have a very business minded husband who is great at doing a lot of the bits I don’t like!

Where do you get your inspiration from? I love looking at fashion, what is on the catwalk and what people are wearing.

What would you like to do next?
I try to take each day as it comes so for now it’s just about continuing to work steadily on my current projects, my scarf and cushion line, my licensing deals and my freelance work so that I can keep painting!

What do you do in a typical day?
I usually start my work day by checking my emails and trying to get any admin tasks out of the way, if I’ve been neglecting this it can take a while! After that it’s just about what needs to get done most urgently, it varies a lot so it can be anything from packing and sending orders, painting, scanning paintings, working on designs in photoshop, looking at blogs and pinterest, brainstorming photo shoot ideas or updating the facebook page, instagram, twitter etc.

What has been your most successful piece of work?
My most successful piece is the pink watercolour floral fleur iphone case it was featured on the Martha Stewart blog!

How has social networking helped you with your work?
The breakthrough that I had with my work came via social networking. I was feeling pretty discouraged and was in between freelance projects. I had started using pinterest when Dree Harper a writer for refinery29 featured me as a pinterest power player to follow and overnight I went from having 300 followers to thousands. This led to my work being featured by a few blogs, including the Martha Stewart blog. The exposure I got on pinterest also let to collaborations with Anthropologie and Case Mate. The exposure received was a great way for many people to see my work and I’ll always be grateful for that!

Do you have any advice for new surface pattern designers?It always feels a little strange to give advice in a field where I still feel quite new. I guess it would be to know that your self worth is not tied to your work. I get upset when things with my work don’t go the way I hope and although this is really hard don’t be discouraged. Keep working and improving, ask for feedback and take on board what is helpful, seek out the opportunities you want If you would like to work for certain companies write to them, want to collaborate with someone get in contact, love a certain blog and would like to be featured drop them a line but whatever the outcome know that your work doesn’t define you.

You can find Amy Sia in the following stores:
Scarves, Cushions and Iphone cases: http://www.amy-sia.com
Cushions: http://www.heals.co.uk/icat/brand_amy_sia
Scarves: http://www.anthropologie.eu/en/uk/jewellery+accessories/hot-tropics-scarf/invt/7157440231304/&bklist=icat,5,shop,sale,shopbysale,saleaccessories
Home accessories: http://www.denydesigns.co m/collections/amy-sia-all-art
Casemate for Device accessories :
Society6 for Artwork and device accessories: http://society6.com/AmySia

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