Creating a mood board is probably on my list of ‘3 most enjoyable things’ alongside drinking coffee and reading in bed on saturday morning and stepping off a plane in a country I have never visited before.
Diving into an unknown world of curiosities, a wonderland of design and colour immersing myself in images and ideas for hours upon hours “researching” is one of my guilty pleasures. The rituals of work and family commitments provide a distraction from a world with no limits. A world where swing beds and 22k gold desks and scenes from tropical islands can form part of the tapestry of an idea. Where you can live in your parallel life, the life which feeds your desires and aspirations in little bits of paper and texture on an A3 piece of cardboard.
Client mood board brief: Eclectic/oriental/natural

20130729-080947.jpg 20130729-081024.jpg 20130729-081041.jpg 20130729-081102.jpg 20130729-081119.jpg 20130729-081135.jpg 20130729-081147.jpg 20130729-081203.jpg 20130729-081220.jpg 20130729-081300.jpg 20130729-081325.jpg 20130729-081344.jpg 20130729-081355.jpg 20130729-081412.jpg 20130729-081424.jpg 20130729-081448.jpg 20130729-081506.jpg 20130729-081521.jpg 20130729-081541.jpg 20130729-081553.jpg 20130729-081602.jpg 20130729-081638.jpg 20130729-081708.jpg 20130729-081801.jpg