My parents were hippies in the 60’s so I am fairly familiar with tie dye though I seem to have narrowly escaped having to wear any as a child. My mother was far too busy letting me run around naked with flowers and beads in my hair to worry about clothes in the summer and in the winter I was always given a pair of sensible brown or orange cord flares to wear which I disliked with a passion.
Inspired by dip dye, I did my hair about a year ago, I love it and want to experiment with some colours but my corporate day job sadly won’t allow this so I am interested in trying some techniques at home and found some great ideas on pinterest.

20130703-082210.jpg 20130703-082244.jpg 20130703-082301.jpg 20130703-082313.jpg

Ombré walls are fabulous and look great in large spaces with an eclectic interior. If you are brave enough, paint the lining paper directly, alternatively paint the lining paper before you hang, space and time allowing.

A wall hanging is a great option if you are short on space.

I love this sofa, and its a high impact design feature to any room which can be done fairly cheaply for a designer look.

20130703-083200.jpg 20130703-083217.jpg 20130703-083233.jpg 20130703-083250.jpg 20130703-083341.jpg

Cushions, curtains, throws, placemats and lampshades are just some of the accessories you can customise yourself. There are lots of different tie dye techniques and some really interesting effects with neon and pastels which look cool, if you want to get seriously crafty.