My sofa has served me well. It’s a big ol 3 seat tan leather sofa and has admirably accepted its role as a climbing frame for the children and has shared many afternoon tea spillages and shouldered red wine bravely over the years. It deserves a medal for serving so honourably as the heart of the living room. The place where cuddles and laughter and tickles have taken place over the years. Yet part of me does want to change it, as we move onto our next chapter with older children and busy lives. Something a little more high maintenance like velvet! yes I get excited by velvet. Please don’t judge me.
I’m not ready to invest in a new sofa yet so I will probably cover the one I’ve got, and I have found some great ideas for covering sofas and thought you would probably want me to share them with you too. So here they are.

20130701-191224.jpg 20130701-191248.jpg

I love these pink sofas, so pretty and feminine. Quite a brave colour to go for but they have been pulled off wonderfully here.

20130701-191757.jpg 20130701-191824.jpg

Florals and blocks of your favourite fabric make great covers. It is fairly easy to stitch together fabric and make a cover for a sofa or maybe an ottoman, if a sofa is a little too adventurous.

20130701-192527.jpg 20130701-192621.jpg

Or stitch fabric panels on the back, arms or seat of the sofa if full covers are too ambitious.

20130701-192841.jpg 20130701-192855.jpg

If all that is still too much work why not just throw on some fabric or a blanket to liven things up a bit.


Or plonk some fabulous new cushions on the sofa and relax! The easiest option.

The seriously handy might like to attempt a hand embroidered cover. Not for the faint hearted!


For the parents who believe creativity is key or have simply given up!

This sofa is gorgeous. Love the shading.


Princess and the pea sofas, perfect for flumping. These babies look seriously comfy.
With so many options which to choose! This is the fun bit. I will keep you posted.