Slightly uninspired by my corporate workspace I yearn for a more creative environment, or just a more feminine one. I want it to be sophisticated and a little bit girly. My 10 year old red plastic organisers grumble “tired” and my desk should have been laid to rest in someone’s fireplace a long time ago.
I have decided to make myself a little home office space. Every wonder woman should have one. A place where we can organise our lives from home. A space where the kids know you are busy and should not be disturbed. A place where you can (let’s be honest) whittle away the hours looking at pretty things and humouring your fantasy life.

20130627-174655.jpg 20130627-174709.jpg

These work spaces are great. Very natural and simple. Or perhaps something a little more glamorous!

20130627-175000.jpg 20130627-175012.jpg

I adore these spaces. They invite me to work at them, flirt with me even. I could rock up to these desks with a pecan and maple slice and an Americano and work all day and night looking sophisticated and in control. I could. But that wouldn’t be me….

20130627-180339.jpg 20130627-180355.jpg

I would love a pretty little desk top which looked like this too, but the reality would probably mean I spend a lot of my day googling shoes. Something I would never ever eveeeeer do.
These spaces are a little more my style. More organic ie: more messy.

20130627-181059.jpg 20130627-181112.jpg

This one is the most likely candidate for the time being. You can’t beat a big ol kitchen/dining table for comfort working!

And with a long list of things to do, it’s the most likely place I will be working over the next few months.