Thinking of making your stairs a design feature? You will need to be well prepared. This DIY job will require careful planning and consideration. Tiles, wallpaper, mosaics, stencils and paint are great ways of creating a stairwell that oozes personality. Source beautiful wall paper, tiles and colours for this project carefully, you will be making a big statement and it could end up looking like a shipwreck, so plan, plan, plan and avoid ‘themes’, inspirational quotes (shudders) and freehand drawing unless you have a masters in art and design. My mum affectionately known by local tradesmen as “Mrs do it all” as my dad tends to hide behind newspapers whenever a project is underway, always told me that DIY projects were 70% preparation and 30% finishing. Make sure your stairs are prepared, clean, smooth and any holes are filled before starting. Once you have chosen your finish lay the tiles, stencils, wallpaper or paint swatches together on the floor and play around with them until you find a combination that works. You may need to consider sending children and pets away for a few days before starting as this work will be intrusive to your daily living. If tiling I recommend using a professional. Wallpaper and paint are fairly easy. Remember if painting the stairs remember to alternate the painting so you can walk on the dry ones during drying time, you don’t want to be cut off from parts of the house. Another option is to only paint the risers. All that aside you can make some stunning changes that are a wonderful feature to your home! I hope these pictures inspire you!

20130623-114818.jpg 20130623-114914.jpg 20130623-114937.jpg 20130623-115002.jpg

Painting banisters are also a great idea and a little more subtle.


Stripes are a fairly subtle and safe way to make a statement. Tape the areas well and use a good quality paint.

Disco stairs anyone?

Stencils take a long time to do well, but if you have the patience and time can look beautiful and are much cheaper than tiling.

I love this tile combination, girly and yet grown up all at the same time.

These stencils mimic tiles beautifully at a fraction of the cost.

I love these pretty stairs.