In order to house my unquenchable love of textiles, lighting and furniture I have painted my apartment “Rum caramel’ a neutral base by Dulux which works beautifully with wood, marble (hypothetically) and gold/brass/copper. It also provides a great base to inject colour in some rooms to avoid it feeling like we live in a mushroom. The fluidity of the neutral base colour unites the apartment and I am free to experiment with accessories and furniture without it looking like a fairground.

This room follows the same rules with a grey base and artwork which greets you like a confident handshake and a Mona Lisa smile.

Again, the balance here is perfect. The pale grey provides the perfect backdrop for an eclectic mix of interesting textiles and art without it being over bearing.

This wall gallery shouts “KAPOW” on an otherwise bland space.

This industrial space is pretty homely despite its vast wall space. The huge dark sofa, mix of cushions and artwork give it plenty of personality.

Nikki Tibbles home is a feast of colour. She bravely mixes big chunky wool cushions and florals and it works.

20130616-205713.jpg 20130616-210221.jpg

Patricia Urquiola works the hotel look here beautifully. If this W Hotel Retreat and Spa could talk it would whisper in your ear “I’m awesome”.