Since the beginning of time we have adorned our bodies with clothing to keep warm and protect us from the elements, for decoration, cult, prestige and magic (yeah I know! magic! Exciting! Who’d have thought!) Other species are pretty content in their own skins and when they are not, they shed them or they change colour. Sadly we are not that amazing so we work with textiles and fabric to make ourselves a little more fabulous.

Clothing and Textiles define who you are. Visually they make you recognisable to groups and sub groups in society. They reflect what materials are available to civilisation and the technologies that we have available to us. You don’t have to be a follower of fashion. Clothes define you to the outside world.

I dream of having the space to justify a walk-in wardrobe. Rails, trays, drawers and dividers waiting to be filled with pretty things, all wrapped up like a delicious magical wonderland, all sparkly and inspiring *dreams*

In the unlikely event that I am ever likely to have a walk in wardrobe, I am exercising a little fantasy. Humour my indulgence and take a look at some of these little beauties. Dream a little.

20130512-115746.jpg 20130512-115805.jpg 20130512-115828.jpg 20130512-115838.jpg 20130512-115850.jpg 20130512-115858.jpg