Friendship is one of life’s most precious treasures. My best friend has recently turned 40 and decided to make time for some of the things she has wanted to do all her life, one of them being pottery. We met 24 years ago at school and have experienced so much together, I can honestly say this lady has my soul laid bare. She has been in my life and shared in all my experiences and mine hers, over a quarter of century. She gave me a jug as a present yesterday, a jug she made in her pottery class. It is Moroccan blue on the outside and cream on the inside with little stars, and thoughtful little indents on the sides so you can pour the jug whilst holding its body. This little jug just fills me with so much emotion it brings tears to my eyes because it represents so much to me. I am so happy she is doing this course and sharing some of herself through ceramics, I hope she continues on this journey. The stars inside are our dreams and how we feel about each other, the thoughtful indents represent how well we know each other, a comfortable closeness that just cannot compare to anything else, the love and support we have given each other over the years, a relationship that holds so many stories, to tell you one would lead on to so many, a friendship that has aged and matured over time, a “knowing”

Or maybe it’s just a jug. You decide.