Living room

I have been mood boarding for two days. My thumbs hurt, my phone is overheating but the thing that is forcing me to re-engage with humanity is the nausea from scrolling. The painting on this board is by a friend of mine Delia Woodman and it was the inspiration behind the scheme.

Dream bedroom

I have emerged from hibernation, blinking, stretching and creaking a little. My womb like room has served me well over winter. Moody and warm during the cold months, somewhere to snore, eat waffles and cuddle. Summer is a whole new vibe. I want it to wake me up at dawn, slap me on the bumContinue reading “Dream bedroom”

Home Cocktail Bars

By Friday morning after a full week at work with the heady delights of the weekend within snatching distance, cocktails seem like a pretty good idea and a great way to start a decadent weekend. For years I have wanted a cocktail bar at home. They look like a mini party waiting to happen andContinue reading “Home Cocktail Bars”

Clothes, fashion and walk in wardrobes.

Since the beginning of time we have adorned our bodies with clothing to keep warm and protect us from the elements, for decoration, cult, prestige and magic (yeah I know! magic! Exciting! Who’d have thought!) Other species are pretty content in their own skins and when they are not, they shed them or they changeContinue reading “Clothes, fashion and walk in wardrobes.”


Friendship is one of life’s most precious treasures. My best friend has recently turned 40 and decided to make time for some of the things she has wanted to do all her life, one of them being pottery. We met 24 years ago at school and have experienced so much together, I can honestly sayContinue reading “Friendship”