Living the dream

I am lucky enough to work on Pall Mall in central London amongst the chaos, crowds and retail heaven. Working in central London you are a bit like a blood cell travelling around the cities veins at a speed you cannot control. You are alive and where everything happens, you are part of the heart beat and the glory. You are knackered by it all.
I am however, lucky enough to have a saving grace. I have a window desk overlooking a private roof garden filled with evergreens and magnolia trees. Now you might think, so what, big deal, who cares! But this window seat has literally changed my working life. I am living side by side with mother nature. When the first snowflakes fell this year, I watched them fall and land on the window before melting. This year is the first year I have really looked at snowflakes since I was a kid and they blew me away with their awesomeness. Each little droplet of scientific crystal sculpted by the fingers of mother nature, like little kisses in the wind.
Today I sat and photosynthesised by the window. The great big old sun was out there doing his thing today and I found myself practically sucked to the window in a vacuum, deficient of vitamin D and functioning on my last reserves, Mr Sun had come to rescue me following the long dark winter that had almost been 100 years and then some.
I am a city girl, but I know its all about trees. You can roll around the concrete jungle like its your bitch in a pair of high heels clutching shopping bags on Regent Street but nothing, NOTHING, compares to laying in the grass with the sun beating down on you and a gentle breeze blowing over you while you wiggle your toes listening to distant aeroplanes and the sound of the odd bee buzzing by.
This photo sums up what I would love to come home to every night and how I would like to spend my weekends. Flat out, reading, eating, chatting and snoozing under dappled sunshine, surrounded by tropical shrubbery. Now that’s what I call living the dream…..